Madrid, Spain

AbracaDATA: be a BIG DATA wizard.

Have you ever tried to understand the magic behind the BIG DATA?

Have you ever thought about becoming a student of Hogwarts School of Data-Witchcraft and Data-Wizardry?

If that’s the case, this is your course!

The goal of this course is to provide a general view about how Data Science is shaping companies nowadays. The student will learn about the basic concepts behind Data Science and how it is applied in very different domains, about the lifecycle of data-driven decisions, technological trends and how Data Science teams are shaped.

What is behind the data-spells we are going to learn?

- Background: basic concepts on maths, statistics, computing

- The data journey: the lifecycle of a Big Data project

- Big Data technologies and trends

- Data-driven companies

- Data profiles in the job market: data analyst, data engineer, data scientist

Not only spells but potions and driving a nimbus 2000 is shown on this course.

But that is not all, because all these activities will be done in the capital city of the country which invented tapas, long siestas and many other things that you will be able to experience yourself when you come to Madrid.

Don’t you hesitate to apply right now… unless you want be a muggle.