Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

The Climate Control Guide to the Galaxy

If you clicked this course is because you either a) want to know abour the amazing world of climate control and air-conditioning b) you want to visit the amazingly beautiful Canary Islands c) all of them.

Belive or not, climate control has been for the past century a key element in the development of entire regions in the world. Think about cities such as Las Vegas or Dubai, which wouldn't be what they are now if there wasn't a way to reduce the hot temperatures of those areas. But when we talk about climate control we don't only refeer to cooling but also heating, a way of climate control which has existed since fire was mastered thousands of years ago which later evolved into central heating and complex centralized systems, which together with the mentioned cooling systems allow us to set the temperature of the spaces we live in to the exact temperature we want.

And as any other technology, climate control keeps evolving, becoming more efficient and also more enviromentally friendly, using for example passive climate control methods. And what a better place to learn about climate controlled stuff than in the place with the best weather in the world?! You will not only learn about climate control of course, you will also enjoy many days under the hot tropical sun, have fun at the beach, swim in the sea in March or hike some volcanoes.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is waiting for you! Apply and join us on the experience you will never forget!