Antalya, Turkey

Lord of the Data: The Return of the Technology

Oh, what a nice bikini! After all, the summer is on the way. The card number:... Expiry date:... CVC:... aaand... GO! Wait.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN 999€ IS CHARGED!!! No, I didn't buy a chicken in Zambia! How is that even possible? I just gave my credit card details. Oh no, they wouldn't... When those thieves got advanced in technology this much. I'll never trust digitals again.

Alright then, I'll buy my bikini from the seaside shops. After all, we're in Antalya and I'll think this freaking effects of digital transformation while swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Or I could go to the police.. Ehm, an unforgettable course or the police... The Course... The Police.. Oh here is the apply button.

Now, we are inviting you to take a one step above and carry everything to Antalya. No, we’re not in Ankara, AGAIN! As we have the chance to surround you with the beautiful mediterranean scenery, we’re now eager to let you meet with this developing concept of digitalization, trust building strategies for data analysis, challenges and opportunities created by new technologies and after the digital transformation, how this change affect our lives.

Come and join us for this experience of Turkish hospitality with amazing parties and activites, and return back with the most amazing journeys that you will have!