Maribor, Slovenia

Starworks – Maribor awakens

Did you ever look upon the night sky and wonder about the endless possibilities space provides?

We will try to satisfy your curiosity as BEST as we can on our awesome stargazing course!

In everyday life, we get so caught up in day to day life here on Earth, that we often forget to look upon the clear nights and examine the far beyond. What is up there? What are the stars made off? The origins of black holes, constellations of stars, clusters of galaxies and some stuff we can't even begin to imagine.

Slovenia is a land of pioneers, and one of the best experts in the field of space was Hermann Noordung who was way before his time. He designed spaceships at the beginning of the 20. century, some say that NASA took his concept for its space program. We have a state of the art space center in his honor.

To satisfy your thirst for knowledge, dare to always ask for more, join the stars and apply to our awesome course!