They C me programming, they lovin’

Are you interested in writing your own game?

Ever wondered what are those sacred words that moves a robot’s arm?

Have you ever heard of Windows, Linux or Mac?

Well, BEST Istanbul Yildiz invites you to explore the language written behind your desktop wallpaper, learn the magic of programming in Istanbul: a beautiful city lays down on two continents.

In the course, you will have the chance to learn a programming language that is called C. Besides being commonly used and considered as the base of all advanced languages, C is unbeatable when it comes to speed of execution performance. There is a wide range of areas where C can be used such as microprocessors, artificial intelligence, image and video processing, robotics, financial softwares, programming games etc. When it comes to C, it is possible to program everything you want or you can think of that the machine is capable of.

Don’t you think, it is time to manipulate and play with bits and bytes?

The course "They C me programming, they lovin'" offers you to spend 9 days in Istanbul with its history, culture, delicious food along with awesome companionship. If you are brave enough to code, you know where the apply button is.