Cluj Napoca (Romania)

Life in Electric Land

Have you ever been curious to find out how energy is produced in a hydro-electric power station and why dams were built for?

You are about to begin reading about our new adventure. Relax. Concentrate. Dispel every other thought. Now it is all about the ENERGY.

We are looking for someone to share an adventure with. Join us this summer in Electric Land and get an insight into the field of electrical energy. Wait, do you know where it is located? Exactly, it is in the Heart of Transylvania, the place where no garlic grows, all the vampires are living and the Electric Castle festival takes place.

Let’s meet and discuss with our University’s research groups in the field of energy and find solutions to simplify real world problems. We planned super interesting things for you, like superconductivity and how superconducting technologies strive to enter the energy market and produce a long awaited - Energy Revolution.

Don’t miss the chance to be electrified with students from all around Europe and achieve great results together. Come and charge your batteries in Romania’s beautiful nature and learn new things in this field.

Wait no more and send us your letter!