Madrid, Spain

I don't wanna be an American IoT

The world we live in is in constant change, the population is growing, welfare state demands new necessities. That is why Technology needs to be adapted to people.

This summer, BEST Madrid will offer a BEST Course on Technology designed to extend and improve your knowledge in the INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT), you will be at the forefront of a cutting-edge technology that will allow momentous improvements in production systems, logistics and our daily lives.

Would you like to learn the fundamentals of IoT? In this course you will be able to learn the principles needed to create IoT devices, the communication standards and the wide amount of applications these devices have. You will learn about the use of algorithms which allow the processing of data, how you can use sensors and other devices so that machines learn to improve their own behavior and eventually become autonomous. Data analysis is essential in IoT, so aspects such as the use of big data and the cloud will be covered. In addition, you will study one of the most demanded topics in the market which relates to securing the data and information generated by all IoT devices. A debate about the impact Iot will have in people’s privacy and security will be a the center of this course.

And as you become leaders in the development of these new services that aim to make people’s lives easier, you will also fall in love with the beautiful city of Madrid. You will visit our most famous museums, monuments, sights and landmarks, and, of course, our beautiful El Retiro Park. You will also get to know one of the town’s traditions in a fun water party and in a really nice sunny weather. May we mention the delicious Spanish food you’ll be served, the Spanish parties with the BEST spirit and our amazing sangria.

What are you waiting for? If you like all of the above, you want to learn about this ever-growing technology and you want to meet extraordinary people, this is the course for YOU!