Uppsala, Sweden

Synthesize your planet now - come on!

Synthesize your planet now - come on!

Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary field with roots in biology, chemistry, biotechnology and bioinformatics. By using standardized genetical parts to create a blueprint for a biological system, the synthetic biology methods can be used for various purposes. Synthetic biology is thus involved in the field of medicine, for potential future fuel, for improving crops and is interesting for solving environmental problems, etc.

Because of its broad usage and potential, it is important that the engineering fields follow in its development and find, upgrade or invent tools that make it easier to perform and accomplish projects in synthetic biology.

Your first thought when you hear that something is genetically modified is probably about genetically modified crops, but do you know how they are made? You will learn about this compared to how conventional/organic crops are developed and also get to learn about other applications of synthetic biology.

There will be lectures held by our very competent researchers in these synthetic biology fields

and there will also be labs and study visits.

If you want to be one of the new generation of pioneers when it comes to the future of synthetic biology, you should not miss the opportunity to go to Uppsala, Sweden. As a bonus to what you will learn during the course, you will also get to experience the Swedish culture – everything from eating fermented fish ("surströmming") to spending time in the middle of the ancient Swedish forest and taking a swim in a lake.

So if you are enthusiastic about synthetic biology and also want to get to know Swedish culture - apply!

We promise that it is going to be the BEST way to spend a week in August!

Together we can synthesize an amazing world!