Belgrade, Serbia

You are what you eat

Heey there!

We’ve all heard so many times that “we are what we eat”.

So have you ever really asked yourself, what are you then?

Are you hungry for food? Or even better, hungry for science?

Doesn't it sound amazing to travel, meet young people from all around Europe, who are gastronomy lovers just like you, try amazing Serbian food that will (we promise) steal your heart and, at the same time, make one of the best memories of your life?

We believe that at least one of your answers is yes! Well, you're on the right track! We give you the chance to start this amazing journey and make your 2019 summer unforgettable!

You'll learn everything about food processing, fermentation, toxicology and quality! You are going to find out things you have never thought of before, and you will definitely think twice whenever you sit in front of your meal!

One of the main things that Serbia is known for, and the reason that people are coming back, is our tasty traditional cuisine, awesome nightlife and cheerful people. But don’t just listen to us, come and see for yourself!