Porto, Portugal

Finding Atlantis: The way to sustainability

Do you want to find out all about the innovations taking place in regards to water sports, or how fishing/aquaculture and renewable energies are great supporters of our economy? Are you curious to see some autonomous vehicles and innovative systems from up close? How about discovering some incredible gadgets being developed nowadays to help putting sustainability into action?

Come learn about sustainability through the three branches which are most impactful in our local context: Sea, Cutting Edge Devices and Renewable Energies. Throughout the course we will be analyzing how can the sea be made more profitable and the way companies put their effort into managing their business in a way that impacts beneficially both society and the environment.

In this 12-day experience you will also be able to enjoy the amazing city of Porto and our lovely weather and beautiful, sunny beaches. Be prepared to have great amounts of fun, make plenty of new friends from all around Europe and taste our delicious Francesinha and Port Wine!

Just apply for the BEST experience of your life!

We are waiting for you in Porto!