Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Strategic ways for the BEST business case

In our new reality full of uncertainty and agility the soft skills are in great demand in the world of practice, especially for business managers and entrepreneurs who navigate this environment on a daily basis. Our program focuses on training the up-to-date soft skills to design and run a successful business.

Do you want to understand the mechanism of gradual development of your own business project? Develop the concept of creating a unique product and brand and understand how to assemble the most effective team of professionals to work on it? Want to discover which soft skills are necessary to be successful in business and learn how to develop them? If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, don’t hesitate to join our course!

We want to invite you to our wonderful city of Ekaterinburg, located near the Ural Mountains, right in the border of Europe and Asia - after all, only outside the capital you can feel the true spirit of the country! But how? Don't worry - we have prepared for you a list of things to do in Ekaterinburg to experience it yourself:

-To cross out the point ‘to visit the largest country in the world’ from your wishlist

- To feel like a Lord of the world because you will stand with your left foot in Asia and your right foot in Europe

- To try borsch, kotletki, pelmeni, and other dishes with their weird names that make up the delicious Russian cuisin

- To go to a real Russian sauna and jump into the snow after it

- To make unforgettable memories during 10 awesome days with 22 participants from all over Europe and members of the Local BEST Group EKA UrFU!