How I met your Website

Do you want to discover the beginnings of the internet and the first website? Would you like to know how the ropes are pulled behind the curtains of an interface? Have you ever thought why does a website look the way it does? Wouldn’t it be nice if you found more about this in a city that has 6 centuries of history?

Then ”How I met your Website” is the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity. Why?

We can offer you a great environment to learn the basics of a modern site that satisfies the current market requirements.

Iasi is one of the biggest IT hubs in Romania and at the same time a city of great architectural beauty.

Just like the buildings in Iasi your site will have a sturdy structure made with HTML, a beautiful CSS facade, a road done in PHP that leads you to the MYSQL city.

If you don’t know what those are you can discover all these things alongside 22 other persons from all across Europe, in 12 amazing days. And why not, maybe you will find out How I met your Website?