Tallinn, Estonia

People hate this, see how we made $$$ with one SIMPLE course

Attention! This is not clickbait!

In a world where students are eating cheap noodle soup on the second day of having received their paycheck/stipend/endorsement from parents, there is a Local BEST group willing, nay, daring to teach these young impressionable minds how to… manage their money! (Are you shocked yet? Keep on reading and your socks might drop).

Yes, we dare take on the challenge of trying to save these students from having to eat only bread for weeks, because living on your own and being a student is expensive, by teaching you how to become the boss of your wallet and teaching you the language of Investments. This language is more effective than the French language is on girls and even harder to learn than Estonian.

To regain your health points in 10 days you will also experience:

- Swimming in the night

- Swimming in the day

- Singing your heart and lungs out at the Karaoke bar with strangers

- Crawling through the old town and making friends for a lifetime!

- Some spicy stuff ;)

- Some cringe stuff

- Some stuff you might want to forget

- Hopefully some Estonian models (probably not)

- Go running in the nighttime Estonian Wild forest

- And much more, just in 10 days!!

You. Us. In Estonia. In July. (Learning how to make) Money. What would be a more ideal summer? No this is not another scam from a weird country far far away. Stop wasting money, start making it!

Because time is money, waste no more and come to us!

Disclaimer: this post contains some bad Estonian humor.