Erlangen / Nürnberg, Germany

FrankenstAIn - it's alive!

About 200 years ago, a monster was born in the hills of Bavaria... The famous Dr. Frankenstein might not have been from Franken himself, but we ‒ the local BEST group of Erlangen, his loyal descendants ‒ have taken it upon ourselves to continue his work and take over the world!

For several years, we've been searching for the long lost laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, where the secret of Artificial Intelligence (AI) lies. In the last year, our crazy and courageous scientists have finally found his hideout. Now, we need your help to decrypt our findings and be able to conquer the world!

Erlangen is not only the base of the secret lair of Dr. Frankenstein, but also the home of one of the oldest Beer fests in Germany. Furthermore, this area has the highest density of breweries in the country, amazing lakes, and beautiful hills. The BEST place to enjoy the summer, right?

But don’t get too distracted, if you want to find all of FrankenstAIn's mysterious secrets, the headquarters of Siemens are also located in our city ‒ one of the leading companies in the field of AI.