Kosice, Slovakia

Escape the reality: Explore the BEST virtual one

Would you like to experience virtual world?

Would you like to be in your favourite movie and feel the real action?

Would you like to travel to many places and still stay home?

Or... what is your dream?

It does not matter what is your dream because in virtual reality you can do whatever you want and all what you need is idea - and basic knowledge about graphics and virtual reality.

Do you ask how is that possible ? It is easy and WE will teach you how. During one week you will learn about computer graphic, about 3D objects, you will experience 3D cave and we will make your dreams come true.

Beside that you will see the most beautiful city in the central Europe - Kosice. You will meet new BEST friends and taste BEST tea in the world.

On this course you will experience fun, fear, relax and every feeling what you can not even imagine.

So do not be shy and give it try. Apply for our course ASAP so your dreams can come true. Our BESTies will help you to build your own virtual world.

We are looking for someone exactly like YOU!