Kiev, Ukraine


Did you know that you can help solve world's biggest problems using only your computer and a bit of programming ?

In our day and age data has become an incredibly important resource! Uncountable amount of data is being created every day on the Internet. And if you're someone who knows how to analyse it and find different patterns in it, you become unstoppable!

So get ready during 10 days of the course to dive in into the exciting world of Data Science!

You will have lectures, workshops and company visits from the experts in this field and top Ukrainian IT companies. And with all your new-acquired knowledge you will get to work on your own small project!

And did we mention that Kiev is the most beautiful in May? The city blooms in spring and the weather is warm and sunny.

And, believe us when we say, that you didn't party until you partied with slavs ;)

So what else are you waiting for ? Hurry up and apply! :)