Milan, Italy

Team Cook: group recipes for more than an Apple

Have you ever wondered how a lot of people can collaborate on a unique, great project? Or how someone’s idea can stand out from the others?

The device you are now using couldn’t be built by a single person. And how did they manage to design it, with every team working seamlessly with each other? Imagine you are part of this great project: you have to work with your team, deliver solutions in time, stick up for your ideas and be the best team your boss have ever known.

If these things are out of your comfort zone, LBG Milan has got you covered! With our help you will master all the skills you need, such as team working, conflict solving, leadership, business organization, and you will learn how to make the most of you and promote your ideas.

In addition to all these skills, you will experience 10 days in Italy’s fashion capital, 10 days diving in good food, friends from all over Europe, in a modern and ever-changing city.

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