Leuven, Belgium

The name is I, A.I.

Want to understand what’s actually under the hood of the recent Artificial Intelligence revolution? Feel like getting inspired by all of the fields and industries AI is having an impact at the moment? Want to know how to prepare when singularity comes and the robots take over the world?

Well then, we have good news for you.

For all of those questions (except maybe the last one), you can come find out the answer in the lovely city of Leuven, Belgium!

Between the 3rd and 15th of July, we’ll be teaching you the basics of AI through lectures and hands-on exercises, showing you how it’s used in practice through company visits, and giving you both technical, economical and ethical perspectives on this disruptive technology.

Besides that, you’ll have the chance to experience Leuven’s cosy charm, its delicious waffles and of course its excellent beers at the ‘longest bar in Europe‘! Even better, given Belgium’s limited dimensions, we’ll have the chance to explore some of the prettiest other cities in the country to give you the full Belgian experience.