Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Web Dev Redemption

Howdy, partner.

Sit down, let’s talk. Because I have an interesting story and opportunity for you.

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to be a Web Developer? What is it that hides behind every website? Maybe you wanted to learn a new skill and set out a new path for your career. I don't know what your motives are, but I got something to share with you.

There are these people in BEST coming from a city called Mostar. Place is a way off, true, but they say it's a jewel in the Balkans, place of incredible beauty which hides vast knowledge. And there, they are doing a course on Web Development and they are finally ready to share their knowledge with you.

Secrets of Javascript will be unveiled and gemstones known as HTML and CSS will be shining all over their vast landscapes. Go partner and learn the sacred ways of becoming a Web Developer by all means necessary. All the treasures hidden in IT are just an application away from becoming yours. Motivating salary, challenging work environment and a community unknown to us mere mortals.

They will host you in the city of the famous and great Old Bridge, and in those 9 days, my partner, you'll learn all it takes to be a Web Developer. While we're on about Mostar, I've heard some nice things about them in my travels. So, if you're interested in having the time of your life, learn all about Web Dev, trying the famed Bosnian cuisine, spend your nights in good company UNDER THE BRIDGE, meet the incredible BESTies from Mostar and feeling the BEST Spirit, then I'd say to take the shot.

And I heard there's not too much place in there.

So, it's you, or me, going to this course. And the way I see it... it might as well be you!