Bucharest, Romania

Fantastic BOTs and how to build them

Take a few minutes and let’s play together a game of perspective. Today is an ordinary day and you have to get done many things on your to-do list. Your best friend’s birthday is next week and he wants a new pair of headphones. And you’d better go shopping - remember about the grocery list your mother gave you? Don't worry! Take a seat, grab some popcorn, turn on Netflix and count on Robotic Process Automation to carry out the boring tasks. Meanwhile, your software robots will pick the best deal on headphones and do the online shopping for you. Just don’t get too captivated by the show - you’ll have to open the door to get the shopping bags when the order arrives.

Such a day is closer to the world we live in than you could possibly imagine.

It might sound like magic, but take a chance and apply to our course! You will learn how to get rid of tedious tasks so you can save time. You will gain insight and experience from the field through exciting company visits and engaging workshops. Chances are you will be so fascinated with those working methods that you will apply them in ways you’d never expect.

After learning how to automate your tasks, get ready to live it up in the most sought-after bachelor and bachelorette party location in Europe, as well as experience breathtaking sights in the country with the highest number of untouched forests in Europe. Together with other like-minded students you will get to know the real culture behind the face of Dracula and make long-lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.