Aachen, Germany

Don't Let Me Down ft. Bridges

Can you imagine living without Bridges?

How difficult would it be to move around the world if it wasn’t for them?

From the ancient Arkadiko Bridge to Golden Gate, bridges have been helping and connecting us for as long as we can remember. The environment has been working tirelessly to take them down, but we are getting better and better at dealing with the many challenges mother nature throws at us. In our course, you will discover the BEST of German engineering and technology. We will cover all you need to know about bridge construction and stability - from materials through planning and design to construction and why bridge disasters happen (as well as how to avoid them).

There is no bridge in Aachen, but Aachen itself is a bridge - our city is the meeting point of 3 countries, making it one of the most diverse places in Germany. Here you will find stunning historical sights to explore, a beautiful cathedral and our chocolate factory, which will make your trip even sweeter. Meet amazing people, taste our delicious Printen and Wurst (but not together) and have a nice cold German beer with us.

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